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Good People Incorporated

Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case

Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case

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The MABLE® travel case is lightweight, durable and perfect for traveling sustainably. Made from all natural ingredients: FSC certified bamboo and finished by hand with natural coconut oil for extra protection.

This beautiful travel accessory fits in any piece of luggage and will keep your toothbrush protected on any adventure!

Features: Fits one adult toothbrush. Bamboo sustainably sourced and certified by FSC. Coated in natural coconut oil for extra protection.

Durable and lightweight. Easy to carry. Features two ventilation holes. Plastic-free packaging.

Produced in FDA registered facility. Ethically produced in a facility that is audited by a third party for social, ethical and quality assurance.

Good People Inc features this product despite being made overseas in China. Why? Bamboo is a regenerative, compostable material that has a naturally lower carbon footprint than plastic alternatives. More importantly, it is a better alternative to plastics that will be around for over 500 years. 

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