Shipping policy

Good People Inc's Shipping Policy: 

1. Method of Delivery

1a) Shipments will always be sent with tracked shipping. We cannot guarantee which carrier we'll be using as we wish to constantly optimise for lower carbon footprints in our delivery methods. 

1b) You'll always be able to track your shipment from our website. 

1c) Packages will be shipped free of plastic. If you receive an order that contains even the smallest amount of plastic, inform us immediately. 

2. Returns

2a) If an order arrives with products damaged beyond use, you may return your order free of charge. However, we will not accept returns based on cosmetic damage that doesn't disrupt use of the product (i.e. slightly dented packaging). If your order arrives looking particularly bruised, we may offer a discount on a future order. 

2b) We do not accept returns on any non-faulty products (i.e. if you just changed your mind). If you have a complaint about your order (i.e. the shampoo scent was unbearable) we may refund you depending on what we deem fair reason for a return. Truly, we are super nice about this stuff so, if you're really unhappy with a product we will most likely refund you. 

2c) We don't accept returns on used products for sanitary reasons, but we will still provide a refund if the request is valid. 

3. Subscriptions

3a) A subscription can be cancelled at any time. As long as a subscription parcel has not been shipped, you will not be charged for said parcel. Subscriptions may also be paused, edited and restarted at any time. 

4. Offsetting 

4a) We will be offsetting the carbon emissions of all our orders. Currently (as of January 15th), we are still deciding which carbon offset program to engage with, as some are greenwashed crap that don't accurately offset the carbon emissions claimed. We are tracking any emissions produced and once we choose a partner, our emissions + offset will be published in our annual sustainability reports published in December of each year (our first being Dec 23).