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Handpicked and reviewed by HypeHouse members.

"We've done amazingly well for ourselves to make the HypeHouse as successful as it's become, surpassing 20M followers on TikTok. Now, we realise the influence we have over such a large amount of people, and we want to show our loyal followers that we care about their future. 

Now, we're partnering with Good People Inc. to get our followers using greener, plastic-free products and using our platform to create positive change by cleaning up our planet. Instead of supermarket products wrapped in plastic, use the same products we've started using ourselves. Also, you can help us fund the creation of our own, hypehouse brand versions!!

You can make one-off purchases or, purchase on subscription and save 5% :). Everything Is backed by Good People Inc. to ensure you get your packages on time, can amend your subscriptions and cancel at anytime. Check out our socials for reviews of all the products you see here made by HypeHouse members. Lot's of love- TP x"

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Why Buy on Subscription?

Less Waste

Buying your zero waste needs individually over multiple orders means more packaging waste.

Bundling into one monthly box means a more efficient use of resources. 

Emissions Saved

Buying individually means more deliveries which means more emissions.

Consuming one monthly box means less emissions too. We offset all our emissions anyway, but we should still aim to create as little as possible. 

Save Money

If you purchase anything online, you're paying for shipping. The more purchases, the more you pay in shipping. 

One monthly box means you pay for as little shipping as possible and saving you money. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Innovative, Plastic Free Essentials, Sourced from Ethical Brands such as Bite, HiBar, Leaf Shave, Kind Laundry and more. 

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