Good People Inc's Zero Waste Parcels

Take the stress out of zero waste living by receiving a monthly, or one time parcel with all your zero waste essentials, delivered straight to your door. 

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Handpicked and Reviewed by Our Team. Delivered to your door. 

These products are handpicked for their ability to reduce your carbon and plastic footprint.

They are also created by leading brands in ethical and sustainable industry. 

Owned by people who want the best for us and our planet. 

Good People. 

Shipments on Your Schedule

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The Good People Parcel 

Free From Plastic - Vetted Brands - Order Monthly or a One-Off Purchase

Why Buy on Subscription?

Less Waste

Buying your zero waste needs individually over multiple orders means more packaging waste.

Bundling into one monthly box means a more efficient use of resources. 

Emissions Saved

Buying individually means more deliveries which means more emissions.

Consuming one monthly box means less emissions too. We offset all our emissions anyway, but we should still aim to create as little as possible. 

Save Money

If you purchase anything online, you're paying for shipping. The more purchases, the more you pay in shipping. 

One monthly box means you pay for as little shipping as possible and saving you money. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Innovative, Plastic Free Essentials, Sourced from Ethical Brands such as Bite, HiBar, Leaf Shave, and more. 

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